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Spain Spanish or Latin American Spanish?

I have been noticing that Duolingo is using Latin American Spanish (or so my friend said - he is from Latin America).

I think it will be good if it says at the very beginning of the lesson that the Spanish that Duolingo is using is Latin not Spain Spanish so people are aware of the differences that they might encounter later on when they are talking to Spanish or Latin American

December 28, 2012



At least, take off the spanish flag since it's not spanish from spain or change the portuguese flag to portugal instead of brazil. Be coherent please. A table with differences will be good. For example, in brazil they use a lot the gerund and in portugal is almost not used.


Maybe a section where the differences are shown in a table would be nice. Same goes for Portuguese from Portugal and Brazil, I'm guessing there are some differences there too.


Sure, lots of them. That would be quite a big table; and in the case of Portuguese, a very different pronunciation. Might as well add Spanish and Portuguese from other countries as a separate language, in my opinion.


If You can hear two regular Spanish speakers from Latin America and Spain respectively you will find that the Latin Spanish is far easier to understand since Spanish people speak faster, they're reluctant to use americanised words like computer or weekend and they swallow the ends of almost every word longer than one syllable.

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