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"Rinne botún sa scrúdú tábhachtach."

Translation:You made a mistake in the important test.

June 18, 2015


[deactivated user]

    I know it says 'sa' and that means 'in the' but English-ly I would say "on the test" never "in the test"... maybe?


    “Never … maybe”? You’re not certain if you would never say that?

    I’d be more likely to use “on” myself, but “in” can also be used to indicate a medium — if “test” were replaced with, say, “list”, then either “in” or “on” would make sense.


    To me, you would use "in" to the person that wrote the test, but you would use "on" to a person that took it.


    That’s certainly possible. (I’d be more likely to use “with” than “in” for the test creator.)


    I'm very sure that in my dialect (New York American English) "in the test" is plain wrong, as is "in the list". It's "on" every time, and "on" should be accepted.


    What if you were saying this to the person who wrote the test?

    [deactivated user]

      If the test is non-paper/pencil I guess it'd make more sense. Thank you!


      In Australian English "in the test" would be standard and "on the test" would be considered an Americanisation

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