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  5. "La vojaĝo estas longa."

"La vojaĝo estas longa."

Translation:The journey is long.

June 18, 2015



TRIVIA: In "The Great Dictator", Charlie Chaplin, many of the stores owned by jewish people have the names in Esperanto!


Is "travel" the same thing as journey?

Funny thing: I speak English for 20 years and Esperanto for a week and when it comes to translation here I've got more problems with the former :-)


I have the same question. I think it should accept both translations.


I would say "trip" or "journey". "Travel" doesn't work in this sentence.


Why is that? Is seems to me that journey and travel (as noun) is kinda the same thing. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/pl/dictionary/learner-english/travel_2


Why is that? Because, for me, it fails the native speaker test. It's not something I would say. Your mileage may vary.


Problems with google trad, then. It translates "travel" by "vojaĝo". They definitely should hire native speakers to correct their job.


My phone doesn't do the G with the circumflex accent opening downward. How am I supposed to get exercises like this completely correct if I can't get the right accents?


I use the upward opening accent when using my phone or tablet and Duolingo has accepted it as correct. Have you tried this? I believe you can also simply type an "x" after the letter you wish to have an accent (so you would type "gx") and the program will recognize it.


It accepts it as correct, but says its a typo.

I knew there was a work-around, but forgot what it was. Thanks for the reminder to add X.


If you have an Android phone, you can install the Esperanto language pack from the Google Play Store. It allows you to use an Esperanto keyboard.


Thanks, but I've already got 4 keyboards installed on my android phone. It won't let me use anymore without taking one of the others off.


Try to update the keyboard. I was allowed to choose as many languages as I want.


If you have Android phone, you can install AnySoftKeyboard from F-Droid or Google Play Store. AnySoftKeyboard allows you to type in many languages.

After inatalling AnySoftKeyboard I recommend you to go to Keyboard/Input settings in your phone to enable Vibrations since it is disabled by default. Well, at least I like it when there is vibration on key presses.


I just put a normal g in the duolingo system, and I put the circumflex in my head... :)


I use voyage even though I'm on a trip. Just because I like the word voyage because it sounds like the word vojago and it accepted it. : ) (sorry no correct accent available) Even though I think of a voyage as on or in the water.


For those who wants to understand why travel is not acceptable here : https://www.espressoenglish.net/difference-between-travel-trip-and-journey/

I understand that travel is more the concept, the idea, not the concrete thing. I mean... I don't know how to say. Just read this short article.


I love how journey, trip and voyage all mean "vojaĝo"


That was my answer, as well as the prior one about Sofia in Japan, both were marked WRONG


Based on several other comments that I have archived notifications about, I'm sorry to hear.

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