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Something that really needs implementing

SO i completed the spanish skill tree and set to work on the my french during this time neglecting my spanish. As a result coming back to spanish i cant work my way up again as on the beginner lessons im getting hit with everything the skill tree entails. leaving me stuck on some basic lessons. Please make it possible for an option whereby you you'll only cover that lesson and previous lessons, similar to when you are working at your skill tree before completion, Thank You! ^^

October 6, 2013



What you're describing should not be happening. We made a change a few weeks ago in which when you redo a lesson, you only get exercises with words that are introduced earlier in the course. Can you give an example of this problem so we can try to find the problem?


I finished the Spanish tree yesterday and then started tidying up my tree.... you know, going for the Gold! You're correct about the words but not the grammar. In the basic section I was presented with several exercises with quite complex grammar structures using multiple verb tenses. Just a few, but it was noticeable.

My personal preference is that materials learned further down the tree are incorporated, at least to some extent, in the earlier topics. I always want to be growing my skills and incorporating more complexity. Words in the basic section will always decay and eventually, you'll end up translating ''I eat chicken'' or The cat is black'' until you can't bear it anymore. I would prefer to see something like ''I would have eaten chicken yesterday but my black cat jumped up on the counter when I wasn't looking and started nibbling on it.'' OK, so maybe not quite so difficult, but you get my gist. Perhaps a middle ground can be found to keep those that have finished their trees engaged.

I quite excited for the incubator to start up. I think that the injection of creative ideas by the Duo community of language learners will address lots of ideas that people have suggested. Anyway, love Duo!


This is not supposed to happen. What we need is one example of a sentence that shouldn't have appeared at the beginning so we can take a look. But we need the exact sentence.


I just tested this on a handful of lessons (selected from Basics 1, Animals and Possessives) in an attempt to recreate this problem to give some examples. For what it's worth, I couldn't get a result in 6 lessons. However, when I used the "Practice Skill" option from within the Skills page (e.g. http://www.duolingo.com/skill/es/Plurals ), I got a lot of advanced grammar and vocabulary as I would expect. I suspect the reports of the issues above may have been cases of users using the "Practice Skill" button rather than actually repeating lessons.


As pinkodoug explained below, I was using the ''Practice Skills" option. I generally use that option rather than repeating a lesson. If I find a specific example, I'll be sure to pass it along. Having worked in computer science for 25 yrs, I know it can be notoriously difficult to recreate an error w/o very specific info from the user.


Based on Luis' initial response at the top of this chain ("...which when you redo a lesson..."), I think that this is the intended behavior. Repeating lessons yields drills that are appropriate for that lesson's position on the tree. Using "practice skills" or "lesson practice" options draw vocabulary and grammatical concepts from throughout the tree (up to whatever the user has encountered). This is certainly consistent with my experience using the various practice options.


Here's an example:

Conjunctions Exercises / Practice Skill selected

Yo pensé que eras doctor. = I thought that you were a doctor.

pensé = tiempo pretérito / eras = tiempo imperfecto The pretérito and imperfect have not yet been introduced at this point in the tree.

As pinkodoug suggested, this is supposed to happen when you select ''Practice Skills'' but not when you redo a lesson? I'm good either way, but some may be confused as to the differences they'll experience when redoing a particular lesson or selecting the more general ''Practice Skills'' button.


It's mostly for me the conjugations of verbs in every possible form e.g. "Cuando nosotros caminabamos en esa playa veiamos el mar" - This was on the Conjunctions


There is one problem with this. Being able to redo the lessons as they were at the beginning means I can go to basics 1 lesson 1 and do it how many times I want and collect each time one lingot for finishing a lesson with full hearts. Maybe this is not a good idea but to prevent that from happening you could set a limit on how many times a person can get a lingot for redoing a lower level lesson/skill practice.


Luis, could you clarify this (or other Duolingo person)?

Do you mean that when you do an individual lesson the grammar and vocabulary will be restricted to that lesson and earlier? Or, is this supposed to apply to even the "Practice Skill"? I will be quite bummed if it applies to both. I like the variety and challenge of facing any vocabulary or grammar during the early lessons. And, most of the people complaining about early lessons having all of the material are those who have stopped Duolingo for a period of time.


I, on the contrary would like to refresh my basics and/ or any other skills by redoing the "Practice skill" of the corresponding lesson, since repeating the lessons are quite monotonous whereas "practice skill" offer variety. may be an overall practice skill, encompassing the whole of the lessons can be introduced for the likes of you rather than including advanced challenges in the 'practice skill' of basic lessons. just a suggestion. :)


You can as far as I am aware "delete" Spanish- this is done in the app by going into the language selection menu-> edit button- you will not have the option to delete Spanish. Once finished do a placement test on Spanish (maybe)

I know this is a bit extreme but hope it helped a little.

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