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  5. "Що ви знаєте?"

"Що ви знаєте?"

Translation:What do you know?

June 18, 2015



Ви знаєте нічого, джон сноу. =p


You need to use double negative in Ukrainian: Ви не знаєте нічого :)


Kinda like in my language... I can get used to that. tnx =)


Also, although I haven't seen that show in Ukrainian, I don't think Ygritte would use the formal ви talking to Jon Snow.

Ти нічого не знаєш, Джоне Сноу

Ти не знаєш нічого, Джоне Сноу

Those would probably be more realistic translations


Якось воно буде)


Other languages in Duolingo, such as Spanish, pronounce the individual word when you touch them. Could this be a feature added to Ukrainian? Будь ласка :)


Some languages (most of them) have Google TTS (test-to-speech) engine activated for them. This course, and also some other courses (Hungarian, for example) don't have that.

At least you can hear real people's voices here :) One disadvantage, of course, is that you can't slow it down or pronounce each word correctly.

Duo does promise to add Google TTS to this course in the nearest future, and maybe they will even keep the real people's voices after that as well, remains to be seen.

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