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  5. "You have a family"

"You have a family"

Translation:У вас є сім'я

June 18, 2015



Does родина means family in Ukrainian? Does it mean motherland also? In Russian родина means motherland only. The big difference!


Motherland is Батьківщина (is clearly comes from "батько")


Is є obligatory? Or can it be У вас сім'я. only (like in Russian)?


Duolingo accepts both. I would like to know the difference as well, however. Maybe someone can clear this up :)


In this case, both variants are natural and have the same meaning.


What is the difference between родина и сiм'я?


I have the same questions. When I learned a little Russian using Pimsleur Sim'ya was family. While I learned UA using Pimsleur, the word was Rodyna. I am curious which word is preferred or maybe it is regional?


сім'я is your immediate family (father, mother, brothers and sisters) родина refers to your extended family cousins aunts uncles etc


Fabulous answer! Thank you.


How would it be in negative? Like, "You don't have family", is it "У вас не є сім'я"?


У вас нема(є) сім’ї :)


Is " сім'я " written with an apostrophe in every day speech and texting as well? Or is it the proper/bookish form of it no one really writes? :-)


The Ukrainian apostrophe is different form the English one in that it really affects the pronunciation. Leaving it out is like leaving out any other letter. Although, in this case, you can easily tell that the apostrophe was left out, because there is no such word as "сімя."


What does the phrase 'U vas' translate to?


Literally it translates to "near you."


It means something like you have, or just you, depends on situation


у вас є сім'я ...Is being taken as wrong... and it's happening with other answers in this level... please I need help since I cannot progress without passing this level!!!!


try u vas ye sim' ya I am having the same problem when I use the Ukrainian keyboard I go to Google Translate type the Ukrainian answer but copy answer to Dulingo based on the English keyboard shown below in Google


I have heard from other users that answers are not working today like they should. If you can't get the answer to work try skipping the question today. I am guessing the the issue will be resolved by morning. You can always transliterate too, that might trick the system, "U vas ye sim'ya"


Thanks for your response.. I tried and the transliteration worked very well! Thank you flameofgrace!!


Why should I type this only, when I could use the word bank for a less dificult time, and how do I type in Ukrainian when I can only type in english.

[deactivated user]

    You have to add the Ukrainian keyboard

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