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"A glass of beer and a glass of wine, please."

Translation:Et glass øl og et glass vin, takk.

June 18, 2015



I have a question: It is good if we say "vær så snill" unstead of "takk"? And how do we use it if it's possible in that sentence? thanks for the answer! :)


The most common way is to when you order something at a restaurant or bar is to add "takk" at the end "En øl, takk".

But you could also say: "En øl, er du snill". But it is not as common, and would probably be used more frequently at home or in social settings.

"Kunne du være så snill å gi meg en øl" would be comically polite and "En øl, vær så snill" would sound a bit desperate.


Thanks a lot for the explanation! :D


When do you use et for "a" versus en for "a"?


It depends on the grammatical gender of the noun:

et = neuter
ei = feminine
en = masculine (can also be used with feminine nouns.)

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