"They will have called someone else, before we get there."

Translation:De vil have ringet efter nogle andre, før vi er der.

June 18, 2015

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why is the preposition here 'efter' instead of 'til'?

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    "at ringe efter nogen" means to call someone and tell them to come.


    • At ringe til politiet = To call the police

    • At ringe efter politiet = To call the police (tell them to come)

    • At ringe efter en pizza = To call for a pizza

    • At ringe efter en ambulance = To call for an ambulance

    So to put this sentence into context, imagine my friend calls me and my brother and tells us to come help him with his car. We're an hour away, so I say to my brother: "Han vil have ringet efter nogle andre før vi er der." = He will have asked someone else to come help him before we get there.


    Thanks. It would be nice if they would put these explanations in their respective subjects instead of scattered throughout the course.


    "Nogle andre" = "some others", right? Shouldn't the correct translation of "someone else" be "en anden"?


    I suppose 'nogle andre' is plural, while 'en anden' is singular

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    Would "nogen anden" be also correct ?


    No, it would have to be 'en anden'


    Why "before we get there"? It seems to me that "before we are there" would be a more accurate translation even if they have similar meaning.


    I agree. I think it should be "før vi ankommer" (="before we get there")but maybe this is poor danish? Otherwise the english translation should be "before we are there" which would be fine to use if the "there" were emphasised.


    i wrote, instead of the wrong hint 'få' : ankommer and i think that it should be accepted, duo!


    How do I know that 'called' must be translated in and not in ringet.


    is it always necessary in danish to translate the singular " someone else" into the plural "nogle andre" ?


    What is the difference between kommer til at have ringet (incorrect) and vil have ringet?

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