"Вони шукають полуницю."

Translation:They are looking for strawberries.

June 18, 2015

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Hi guys. I am not really sure about it. I only believe to remember having heard this from someone that strawberries in plural is commonly used in Ukraine even if it is refering to just one strawberry. I have tried to use that option (полуницi) but it highlighted this as a typo. Have you heard of/Do you know something similar?


Полуниця can be either "(one) strawberry" or a mass noun to mean strawberries in general. Полуниці is a plural. So you can say полуниця when there's more than one strawberry, if you need to specify quantity you say полуниці: 2 полуниці - 2 strawberries


If you want you can use "полуничка" for singular of "полуниця" but this word has other spicy meanings. I do not know if duolingo accepts "полуничка" because this is а diminutive word for "полуниця" if you mean "strawberry".



Surely if I make a spelling mistake in English it should be treated as such rather than marked as wrong. After all it is Ukrainian I am learning not English.


The spoken text says "полуниці" but only "полуницю" possible.

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