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"You like butter, and I do not like butter."

Translation:Ви любите масло, а я не люблю масло.

June 18, 2015



Do negatives, like I don't like, require a genitive object?


Note: both Gen. and Acc. are correct, it's not "relaxing the rules".

Firstly, it depends on the region.

Secondly, the meaning can be slightly different.

Я не люблю кави definitely means you don't like coffee in general, at all.

Я не люблю каву can mean the same, depending on the region; but also it can mean some specific coffee, "I don't like the coffee [here]".

At least I think so, I'm not very sure :')


Yes, they do, and the answer with genitive is one of the accepted. We relaxed this rule in the course for the sake of simplicity and because accusative is also used in daily speech by native speakers.


What is wrong with writing "ти любиш масло"? I was marked wrong!


You've missed the second part of the sentence: "тобі подобається масло, а мені не подобається" or "я люблю масло, а ти не любиш" (first variant sounds better).


I did put in the second part of the sentence for my answer; I just didn't bother writing it here. I assumed that that was where the mistake was that caused DL to mark my answer wrong. I have finally figured out what I was doing wrong - I was using і instead of а for the conjunction. Thanks for your reply anyway. Always learning! :)

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