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  5. "My mother is a cook."

"My mother is a cook."

Translation:Moren min er kokk.

June 18, 2015



Is it wrong to say "Moren min er EN kokk"?


The article is generally left out in sentences like these, where someone "is a profession". However, using the article is by no means a terrible mistake, and you'll also find natives do it. There is a little more on the subject in general tips and notes.


I'm pretty sure none of the languages I'm learning use articles with professions. English seems to be the odd one out here.


That's kind of like "my mother is one cook". It's grammatical, but why would you say it like that when you can speak normally?


"Because my mother is cook" sounds weird


Why is it "moren min" and not "mor min", when you also say "jeg har en mor"? I am not understanding something here.


In Norwegian, there's two different ways to write "my mother". Option A is "Min Mor", and option B is "Moren min". Both are equally valid, but option B is more common.

As for why this is.... Unfortunately, language does not always conform to our expectations, and sometimes they have unexpected or unusual rules. You'll unfortunately just have to get used to using the definite form when using option B.

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