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  5. "Це просто не мій розмір."

"Це просто не мій розмір."

Translation:This is just not my size.

June 18, 2015



I put 'this just isn't my size', and it was considered wrong. I would think that it should be considered correct.


I did the same thing and I agree that should be correct - unless there is something about this translation from Ukrainian we are not understanding ?


The translations to English seem to be made by someone who's learned English from books, so the accepted translations are often far from what a native speaker would usually say. Your translation is far more likely than the accepted answer.


How would you say: This is simply not my size


The same way


Thought so. Thank you.


Does this mean "this is just not my size" as in it is almost my size? Or does it mean "this just isnt my size" as in oh well ill have to find the right size and oh what a day it's been.

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