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Still unsure about the word strength and practice thing

Having been using Duolingo (italian) regularly for 50-odd days I have still not had a lesson come up anything other than gold.

When I look at the vocabulary list I see words that I have seen only once, a month ago, which apparently don't need practice yet there are words which I have seen every day this week that come up again and again still needing practice.

When i use the practice sessions I get the same things over and over again - every day this week I have been asked to translate "pass the pasta". I have translated it correctly since the first time I saw it several weeks ago, so why does it constantly appear? The week before last it was "why do you pass the bowl to the cook", They reoccur with alarming regularity,

The upshot is that I don't think I understand HOW I should be using Duolingo - because that doesn't feel quite right to me,

Is it the intention that words don't show up for more than a month - i.e. is there a learning reason for this - or am I making this happen in some way? When should a lesson appear as needing practice, as opposed to individual vocabulary... I get many many words that seem to be down to "needs practice" but I never get prompted to do a practice lesson.

I'd really just like to know if I need to be using Duolingo differently to make it work properly, if you see what I mean!

October 6, 2013


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