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Strengthening Words

Spanish: There has to be another way to strengthen words. If the words I need to strengthen (which now total to well over 150) cannot be strengthened through picture choices and cannot be strengthened because they WILL NOT appear in the lessons that they should or could appear in, then there has to be another way. Please, I am getting so frustrated to the point of depression. I have over 100 days on my streak but find it hard to go on duolingo because every day I try to strengthen words and very little happens.

June 18, 2015



Edit: Now 3 of my words aren't updating either..


I've had the same problem.


I completely agree, but it seems as if the Duo team is choosing to ignore these very valid issues. At least I have seen not a single post from a team member indicating they are aware and are working on it. In fact, I haven't seen a single way to be able to send feedback to the team. If somebody knows of a way, that I overlooked please let me know.

I strengthened a lesson this morning in which my entire list of words in that section showed it needed strengthening - probably 20-30 words. I did a timed practice, answered 4 correctly and after that single lesson all of them jumped back to full strength. How is it that words that were never shown get strengthened from a lesson? Makes it easy to see how things are never showing up though. :(

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