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Where are the "Immersion" Documents?

For some reason, I can't access, i.e. see, any of the documents in the "Immersion" section anymore. The only exception are documents that I edited a long time ago ("Your edits") and a new document I uploaded yesterday ("Your uploads"). This applies to all the languages I'm learning. How come?

Thanks for your help!

October 6, 2013



It could depend on your settings (which immersion documents you have checked as wanting to see). In the immersion section, you'll see a list on the left hand side of the page of different article categories, different article lengths and difficulties, and articles that need to be translated, or checked, or are done. Try checking and unchecking some boxes in that menu and see if any documents show up for you.


Thanks for your answer. I'd tried that already. No dice :(


Be sure that you are in the 'new' or 'popular' section of the immersion area. If you are on the tab 'my uploads' or 'my edits', you won't be able to change the settings.


Ceaer and Lyarra, thanks for your answers. I found the problem :) - I checked all the boxes on the left hand side, and the documents reappeared. I'd thought not checking a section such as "Difficulty" or "Length" at all meant that all lengths and levels were selected, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

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