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  5. "Tá bád ag na póilíní."

" bád ag na póilíní."

Translation:The police have a boat.

June 18, 2015



Wouldn't it be tá bád ag na gardaí?


There are no Gardaí in Belfast, Liverpool, Chicago or Sydney. And as the other comments have already pointed out, when they still existed the Harbour Police in Dublin were not part of An Garda Síochána.


Not meaning to be argumentative. Just wondering if theoretically the "Gardaí Cósta" could be intended. We saw them in "An bronntanas".


Good point. Another one shot down.


Is this an Irish thing? Do the Irish police have boats?


Police in places with water often have boats, since crimes, and evidence of crimes, often end up in the water. There's at least one police officer here (not Ireland) dedicated to diving our rivers looking for evidence, bodies, etc. Or think Miami Vice. Tá na póilíní san uisce.


I've never heard of or come across "Garda" boats. I would've thought any sort of marine policing of would be the responsibility of the Navy. However, one time while exploring at a harbour, I came across a boat which was marked as a police boat. I don't think it had the same logo that our Gardaí have but they were a type of police, mainly dealing with customs issues such as finding drugs and they were either plain clothed or had a completely different uniform I can't remember. As mwasson points out above, incidents can happen in rivers etc and I've heard in the news of the "Garda diving squad" searching if a body was being looked for in a canal or river so they could well have boats too.


According to Wikipedia, there are Harbour Police in Dublin Harbour and Dún Laoghaire Harbour. They are essentially private police forces set up under statute, though the Wikipedia article suggests that the work has essentially been subcontracted out to private security firms in Dublin Port over the last few years. (And they are explicitly excluded from the muzzle requirements in the Control of Dogs regulations, believe it or not).

And then there's this.


Tá, gan amhras - nuair a bhíonn siad ag spraoi lena gcuid lachan bréige san fholcadán...


Why is there no urú here? Is it because it's plural?


Yes, you get an urú after ag an, not after ag na.


GRMA - ni raibh me ro-chinnte


Not a native english here :) Why is the translation "The police has a boat" incorrect? In my mother tounge "have" as well as "has" would be gramatically correct.


In English, "the police" is always a plural noun, and always takes plural verb forms. You could say "the police force has a boat", or "the policeman has a boat", where "force" and "policeman" are singular, but it is always "the police have a boat".


Cén fáth nach bhfuil an focal "Gardaí " a úsáid. Níl póilíní in Éirinn

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