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  5. "Give me the menu, please."

"Give me the menu, please."

Translation:Дайте, будь ласка, меню.

June 18, 2015



I put "Прошу мені дайте меню." & "Дайте мені меню прошу." and both were marked 'incorrect' because of the Ukrainian word 'Прощу' which also means 'Please'.'Прошу' is a well-known word used the world over for centuries! WHY wouldn't Duolingo accept it??? I reported both.


The problem here is that прошу is a verb, which means if you follow it with another verb, the second should be in the infinitive and дайте is an imperative:

Прошу дати мені меню.

Really, though, if you're going to use the word прошу, you wouldn't need to say дати because it's redundant. Прошу is a very useful word that can mean, "please," "excuse me," and "you're welcome" depending on the context. It comes from the infinitive просити, to ask or request.

я прошу ти просиш вона просить ми просимо ви просите вони просять

Прошу дати мені меню, then is literally "I request [you] to give me the menu." It's much simpler to say, Прошу меню, будь ласка.


Прошу is the same as будь ласка and should be accepted. It's overlooked in many exercises. I'll add it where I see it missing. Thanks :)


Or should be "Прошу, дайте мені меню"


I've even tried to check if Duolingo is actually 'grammatically reading' our answers. I put "Буть ласка, дайте мені меню." and it was marked 'wrong'. It's a perfectly correct request/translation.

Just because I put ""Буть ласка" first instead of at the end, it was not accepted. (I prefer it at the beginning as it sounds more polite when speaking.)


Answers are accepted if they're within "acceptable typo" distance of one of the hand-entered answers options entered by the contributors. Keep reporting, it's how omissions are brought to their attention.


I think the issue here is that you misspelled будь ласка.


Would "дай меню, будь ласка" be acceptable? I know it's informal but you could be saying it to your friend at the table.


Yes, it is totally acceptable to say that to your friend

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