"De haven en het vliegveld"

Translation:The port and the airport

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What is the diffence of de & het

1 year ago

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Both mean "the" in English. Dutch nouns are either "de" nouns or "het" nouns, just like in German where the article "the" is translated as "der, die" or "das". Try repeating articles and their nouns together in your head until they stick and you automatically know which one to use.

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Over time, in addition to memorizing many of the words with practice, you'll also get a "feel" for when a noun takes "de" or "het." I have not been able to articulate it in a way that describes any rules, but some words just look or sound like they take "het." That "feel" is sometimes mistaken, but it's correct more often than not. I found this to be the case with the Romance languages, too. Just give it time.

3 months ago
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