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Esperanto Immersion Course in PA?

Interested in joining an Esperanto immersion course with Junesun​ and me? We will be in Pennsylvania (near NYC) this October and it would be cool to help some of you improve. Let us know what you think!

Survey here: http://goo.gl/forms/kDPi4BlARo

June 18, 2015



Sounds grand, but sadly beyond my price point.

Maybe I can teach some Esperanto to the moths in my wallet...


That sounds amazing! I live very close to Quakertown (It's less than 15 minutes from where live!). Are minors allowed to attend?


Yes, minors are welcome, but we can't allow you to have any of the German beer we're bringing ;-) We'll bring other goodies for you.


Keep in mind that EVERYTHING is included in the price: accommodation, breakfast/lunch/dinner, snacks, drinks, excursions, lesson materials and 40+ hours of instruction.

If you imagine taking a vacation in Quakertown, a hotel for the duration might be $450, plus $150 for breakfast/lunch/dinner, so $600. We throw in snacks, drinks, course materials and 40+ hours of instruction for just $350 extra, i. e. less than $9 / hour. Can't really work for less than that, as much as we love Esperanto.

Payment modalities will be generous: $80 to reserve your spot and the rest by December 31st. Also, $250 discount for couples / friends who share a double room.

We do understand that some of you can't afford this at present. Maybe another time :)

For those who replied positively to our survey: we'll be in touch soon with details. This course is happening! :D

Two people replied positively but forgot to include their e-mail, so we have no way of contacting them. Please write me separately if you're still interested. judith@learnlangs.com


I must agree with LazyRavenclaw that the price is too high for me, although I would love to attend!


I know that not everyone feels the same, but I would be content to simply be camping out in tents if it meant that I could experience an Esperanto immersion course.


I'm of the same mind as the first two commenters---this would be wonderful, but even $800 is far beyond what I'm willing/able to pay. (Also, I have class/work, but that's beside the point.)

Maybe offer these classes at a local university, like as a one-week short course in the afternoons/evenings? That might draw more people and lower the price in one shot.


Maybe an American Esperanto speaker can do that. We're only in the US for three weeks and also want to see family/friends, so these are the only dates that work for us. I don't like the university / non-intensive setting. It makes the course too much like school. We will avoid the classroom altogether and instead spend 8-12 hours a day just LIVING Esperanto (with grammar where necessary). Here's a description of how such an intensive living-based course for a small group of students works: http://speakingfluently.com/2015/06/13/intensive-language-learning-courses/


This sounds great! I would really like to attend. However, I have to join the chorus and say that it is just too expensive for me.


Definitely will see you guys at the conference. But this is waaay too expensive.


Waaay too expensive? Just curious, what would you expect to pay for an immersive 4-day course (with 10 hours of instruction per day) including lodging and food in a cozy location? According to my calculations, local costs (i.e. excluding flight) for attending the Polyglot Conference in NYC including hotel and food would be around $600 and that's just two days...

This information will help us in planning future events or in trying to get support from foundations to subsidize students, thanks!


Haha I just meant too expensive for me. Sorry for the miscommunication. I should of been more descriptive.

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