I don't know what någon means, but I see it a lot. Can someone explain what it means and where to use it?


June 18, 2015


"Någon" can mean "Some", "Any", "Someone", or "Anyone", depending on the context.

"Ser du någon?" for example would mean "Do you see anyone?" or "Do you see someone?".

There's also "Något", which is the 'Ett' form of "Någon", and can also mean "Some" or "Any".

"Något" and "Någonting" both can mean "Something" or "Anything".

"Hörde du något?" - "Did you hear something?"

And finally, there's "Några", which is the plural form, it can mean either "Some" or "Any".

"Har du några tidningar?" - "Do you have any newspapers?"

Sorry, I didn't actually post this question, but how do you know when to use något or någon?

"Någon" is used with 'En' nouns, and can mean "Someone" or "Anyone".

"Något" is used with 'Ett' nouns, and can mean "Something" or "Anything".

I forgot to say these both can mean "Any" like in "Utan något vatten" - "Without any water", or "Utan någon tanke" - "Without any thought".

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