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Given XP for very wrong answers


I was doing a Timed Practice for future tense in the English for Spanish speakers course. I experienced a small lag during the grading period and then I would be told my answer was incorrect. I mistyped and hit enter and was rewarded. I tested it out two more times and was rewarded again. Then the lesson crashed.

I am using Windows 7/Chrome.

Thank you for taking a look at this. :)

Futuro error documentation

June 19, 2015



I think there's a known bug about disconnecting during a test and still getting credit. Perhaps this is related?


Ah, that could be it. My connection might have been spotty at the time. Though, I'm not sure.


Even if the router's connection overall was solid, you mention a lag. Perhaps the connection to the site--on the other side of the router--was spotty.


I experienced that bug, too. I reported it to one of the Duolingo programmers.


That's happened to me maybe three or four times on the French tree (not on timed practice, because I haven't done timed practice, but on regular lessons). In my case, it's always been on longer-than-average sentences that hung up in the grading process for a long time--they stick for ages, sometimes for nearly ten minutes, and then they are suddenly pronounced correct even though they indubitably are not. I'm Windows 8.1/Firefox.


All your answers will be correct if you are disconnected or lagging from the internet. Conversely, you can play DL on your phone and it will work correctly offline. Not sure how difficult it is to program the website to do the same thing.

This is a 1 year old bug that hasn't been fixed yet. Maybe it's on a very low priority status for the developers of duolingo. If you have the developers' contact information just let them know about this issue directly.

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