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"Я слухаю музику, а він читає журнали."

Translation:I am listening to music and he is reading magazines.

June 19, 2015



"music" is an uncountable noun in english. "listening to the music" is right, but "listening to music" is also right and tbh probably more natural.


Both are accepted


I've noticed that a lot of translations from Ukrainian like to throw the article "the" before every other noun — even when it isn't necessary. The way I learned about how to teach the rule of when to use an article before a noun was this: if you can count whatever the noun is (i.e., one cat — the cat, two bottles — the bottles) you need an article before the noun. Conversely, if you can't count it, you don't have to force one in there (i.e., information, no informations, music, no musics) The translation above can have "the music", but it doesn't really make sense unless you add specific context. "I am listening to the music on the radio" distinguishes specific music that is being listened to. Since there is no context, it seems that there is non-specific music being listened to and the correct form would be "I am listening to music and he is reading magazines." In the end, it's not wrong above, it's just that "I am listening to music" should also be accepted. I submitted a request, but I also wanted to make a note about the article problem. For more info: http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/when-to-use-articles-before-nouns?page=all


Since in Ukrainian it's ambiguous, all combinations are accepted here.

I am listening to music and he is reading magazines.

I am listening to the music and he is reading the magazines.

I am listening to the music and he is reading magazines.

I am listening to music and he is reading the magazines.


Any reason why "listen to" and "read" don't work as the verbs here (as opposed to "listening to" and "reading")?


They do now (with "reads")


Shouldn't Duolingo accept "I am listening to music, and he is reading journals?" I've reported it.


"I listen to music and he reads a magazine" was not accepted? How are we supposed to know when to use listen/reads vs listening/reading?


There would not be any clutter if you would change the mistakes in your answers. You cannot expect that an English speaker is going to take on your mistakes in order to receive a correct answer.


Yep, that's what I'm doing now :)

Unfortunately, we don't have native speakers in our team (as far as I know).

Also, we currently have only four contributors and 300k learners.

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