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Skill tree completion icon

Wouldn't it be interesting to have something that signifies you having completed a skill tree? Besides the owl at the bottom of the tree I mean. I'm thinking a different ribbon for the corresponding language on your profile page or something.

I'm computer-illiterate so I don't know if this is even feasible from a programming point of view, it's just something that occurred to me.

October 6, 2013



I think it would be cool if the little flag next to your username got a silver (or maybe a different color) ring around it when you finish the tree. And then if you're native to that language it would have a gold (or a different color) ring around it.


I like that idea.


I like this idea as well.


Thanks for this suggestion!


Anything that can be conceived can be programmed with respect to graphical objects.


Great idea for the short run! But to get something for completing a skill tree signifies that you are done for good. I hope this is never the case because I was under the impression that duolingo and its users will keep updating and adding on to the current skill trees. Am I wrong? 0_0


From a teaching standpoint. A common method of teaching is "structured and goal oriented". Learning and using any given language is a life-long learning process. It never stops unless any given individual chooses to stop. Getting a graphical object as a "positive-reinforcement" for completing a section within a learning module within a learning program is standard fare. Therefore,in both the short and long run a little positive reinforcement has the potential to have a life long positive effect to the person who is learning any given subject matter. I hope that this makes sense. By the way these current skill trees you are referring to are, indeed, meant to be "open-ended". Therefore continuous updating and adding to them is only common sense.


Great idea. Isn't it amazing, just how much motivation we need to learn our way up (down?) the tree :)


I am self-motivated to learn how to speak/think the spanish language fluently. I don't really need the "shop" or a bunch of graphical objects within the scope and context of this particular computer program to inform me via a visual feed-back loop while using/interacting with the program how well I am doing. My reply and comment in this "thread" was merely a factual statement of truth within the paradign/activity that is called and known as "computer-programming". This is stated factually from a person with a straight-A average when attending a vocational computer programming school in the year 1986-87. Graphical interface design formats/concepts are simply a part of what is academically referred to as "the programming cycle".


The nice part about the suggestion of having a little "colored" border around the flag icon that signifies to a certain extent the language being learned; is that it would give a good indication to other members of this community how "helpful" this aforementioned person could be as a learning-partner or class-mate.

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