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iOS apps for iPad/iPod touch?

I love that the Duolingo Team developed an iOS app. What I'd like to ask is if ones have been developed/are being developed for iPad or iPod touch. There doesn't seem to be a Duolingo app for either when I search "duolingo" on their respective App Stores.

Thanks in advance and thanks for this brilliant tool.

December 28, 2012



I use the app on my iPad and it works pretty well, although I lot of screen space is used for the keyboard even when I am using a bluetooth keyboard (and the onscreen keyboard shows as a big blank space)


Oh, perhaps I need to wait for its release on my country's App Store.


I've downloaded the iOS app to both my iPad and wife's iPod touch, and it works fine. I did have to make sure I was searching the iPhone app store though.


I keep getting an error that the app is incompatible with iPod touch.

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