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  5. "Is that possible?"

"Is that possible?"

Translation:Går det an?

June 19, 2015



The very same phrase in Germany ("Geht das an?", "Kann das denn angehen?") is very colloquial and has a connotation of unbelief (think "Are you kidding me?"). Is it similar here?


I wouldn't say it is very colloquial in Norwegian. It can be used to express disbelief, or be a straight, factual question. It depends on how you say it.


Thanks. In fact it can be used in the factual sense of "Does it work" in German too, but using "machen" or "gehen" in such context is a sloppy use of language.


Okay. I do not know German, but my impression is that being formal is prized more than it is in Norwegian. In Norway plain language, short and simple sentences and words are the ideal.


Yes, sociolects are more distinct here, maybe because the groups are bigger by absolute numbers, and maybe because of different weighting of cultural values (equality).

Thanks for the comments. So I need to actively suppress the connotations I have with the German sentence when using the Norwegian sentence.


'Er det mulig' is a better translation


Why is it better? Are there times you would use one phrase rather than the other or is it a matter of choice? Or is it more common to say Er det mulig?


I thought the same thing, but maybe there isn't a good English translation for this sentence

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