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Program freeze when grading

I have problems with the screen freezing while my answer is being graded. Today it happened twice when I was trying to take the Norwegian progress quiz. The screen isn't just slow, it just stops. It only happens when the program is grading, not just in quizzes, but units too. It also takes my lingots that I use to take the quiz, but I don't get to finish the quiz. I hope you can fix this issue. Thanks.

June 19, 2015



Same here - I have had this problem many times. But, today it has already happened five times. It normally happens when Duolingo is checking the spoken answers. It gets frustrating. Please fix this problem. Merci beaucoup !


For me, too, the Norwegian program just stops, not pauses, when it is grading. What to do? Wait 'til later? Report as "broken?" I'm up to 140+ days of an unbroken streak and don't want to have to start from zero days again. Takk

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