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"Hvad gjorde folk ved heksene i gamle dage?"

Translation:What did people do to the witches in old days?

June 19, 2015



"in old days" is not proper English, so not a good translation, Duolingo people: "In the old days" or "in olden days" are better.


I agree - we need the definite article here, or otherwise use 'in olden days' or 'in days gone by'


ved og med, har ikke de samme mening?


Nej, ikke altid. Hvis man har sagt "med heksene" så kan det betyde at man lavede noget samen med heksene, som for eksempel en magisk potion.


The expression what did people "do with the witches" also exists in English and should be accepted.


The Witchfinder Army (WA) used to burn witches in the old days. They actually burned them quite often until that one "accident" that not only killed the witch but rather all the villagers and the Witchfinder Major Thou-Shalt-Not-Commit-Adultery Pulsifer. And by killed I mean the witch used eighty pounds of gunpowder and forty pounds of roofing nails to make the whole village explode as soon as she was set on fire. Her name was Agnes Nutter and her prophecies were and are always nice and accurate.


:D I have just run into this an hour after you wrote it. It is great to see comments like this during the hectic rush to beat others in the Leagues, it is a breath of fresh air. Thanks and here have a Lingot. Spooky Halloween!


Mange tak! I'm glad that I could brighten up the comment section at least a bit :D


I tried "in olden days" and it was accepted. Then i wondered if that was a relic of viking times, as it is the same as "the old days"


I am not sure if this is entirely correct, as the expression: "at gøre noget ved det" translates to: "do something about it"


Agreed. "in the old days" should be accepted as that is how we say it in English. Or how about: "in days of yore"?


Am I the only who is confused by the many unexpected uses of "ved"?


You should say - as I did what did people do to witches in the old days!!!!!!


That's what I put but it was rejected


I heard Danes burned the witches -0-


So-called witches were burned all over Europe, not only in Danmark.


Sorry, that is not how English is spoken. "In THE old days" in English. "i gamle dage" på Dansk.


....or "in olden days". But NOT " in old days"!


"Olden days" not "old days". Your Danish may be good but your English is not.

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