"Nós só pensamos em descobrir a verdade."

Translation:We only think about finding the truth.

December 28, 2012

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"We only think about discovering the truth" should also be accepted as a valid translation for this sentence.


If it wasn't before, it is now (April 2014)

[deactivated user]

    "All we think about is finding out the truth." would be better English


    suggest add "uncover" as translation for descobrir

    (uncover the truth is popular english phrasing)


    I put past tense and it was marked wrong?


    I also put this sentence in the past tense and was marked wrong. But that should be an accurate translation, no?


    I've noticed that sometimes "em" is used for "about" and sometimes "sobre" is. Is there some concept where "em" needs to be used, and other times when "sobre" needs to be used, or are they synonymous?


    Translator agrees with my translation. Why Duolingo doesn't? We only think in discovering the truth


    I used about as you want instead "in discovering" as I did the first time around so I can contnue but I still don't agree that "In discovering" is wrong!


    "think in discovering" is wrong in English. You can " think about" or "think of" something but not think in it. Unless your thinking in your car (like you're sitting inside of it)


    If you only think about it it means you aren't doing anything about it. If you think only about it you can think of nothing else.

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