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  5. "Grænsen er åben."

"Grænsen er åben."

Translation:The border is open.

June 19, 2015



The only word I can like 'grænsen' to is 'granitsa' (граница) in Russian. Perhaps an Indo-European languages link?


Good catch! They are cognates, but they don't go that far back. The Danish word grænse is related to German Grenze, both of which come from Middle High German greniz, which was borrowed from Slavic, likely Polish granica in the 13th century. [Source]


In addition to Miacomet's comment, consider the history of Russia.

The word "Rus" comes from "Rueriks", who were a norse ruling family.

It would make sense that the word for border comes from the ruling family's language.


"frontier" = "border" !!!!!!

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