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"Dein Glas braucht mehr Wasser."

Translation:Your glass needs more water.

October 6, 2013



I heard "mein". Sounded like a lousy pick up line?


What is the meaning of this sentence? I doesn't make any sense to me.


Neither to me: why would a glass need more water?!


So it can grow into a pitcher, and then into a fishbowl!


Just that the glass needs filling, for example during dinner.

Perhaps this could also be used to hint that someone has already had enough alcohol.


Just wondering, is the voice pronouncing it correctly? On the fast speed I thought it said "mein" and on the slow speed I thought it said "mir". Is this a problem that I (and clearly several other people here) have with understanding the German, or is the voice mispronouncing?


no, it's not. did you report it?


I'm using the app, and it only ever lets me report if a solution should be accepted.


No, it also allows you to complain about something that should be checked by duolingo. Click the red flag and choose the option stating that there is something else wrong with it. In doubt, update your app. Please tell if it worked or not.


i said "Dein glas braucht mein Wasser!" I knew it sounded very strange but Duolingo says some crazy things sometimes!


when I heared the sound I understand "Dein Glas braucht mal Wasser." and lost a heart because it's "mehr Wasser" :-(


I heard "mir" and got really confused.


I heard "Mai" - but then the slow version helped me out


Lookword and you are nearly both right. The regular audio speed does say "MAL" which does not match the expected written sentence (and as a native German speaker I'm pretty sure about that. Besides that the sentence does not make much sense with "MAL"). If you hear the slow audio version it says "MEHR" which matches the written sentence and also makes some sense in German.


You should think about the meaning as well. When you hear someone speak in person they may not be entirely clear to your ears, but it would not make sense for you to assume they said "mal" because it has no place in the statement. I know the robo-voice isnt great, but its purpose is for you to develop an ear for listening in (in, not to) German.


Did you report it?


Dein Glas braucht mehr Wasser. Was soll das heißen? Soll es Wurzeln ziehen? Mir fällt da kein sinnvoller Zusammenhang zu ein.


Follow up to ones glass being half empty or half full i suppose


I wrote "cup" instead of "jar" and it is wrong...Glas does not mean cup?


Your glass requires more water. Is this not an equal translation ?

[deactivated user]

    Nein! mehr Bier

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