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  5. "You can finish your essay."

"You can finish your essay."

Translation:Você pode terminar o seu ensaio.

October 6, 2013



I lived in Brazil for 2 years and I've been married to a native Brazilian for over 6 years. I learned and have heard multiple people use "redação" as the translation for essay. And I've never heard the word "ensaio" used for essay. At the very least both should be accepted.


Why does it offer redação as a possible translation of essay in the pull down menu if it is not an accepted option??


In my portuguese class, we always refer to essays as "redação". My teacher is from Rio. Is this unique to that area? I have never heard ensaio used before (only in spanish as ensayo).


It's accepted now.


"Redação" should be accepted.


ensaio = rehearsal...... or can mean the likes of a clinical trial for research. This can also be called "ensaio clinico" Ensaio in Portugal potuguês is essay but are we not learning Brazilian português? I would like an answer as would a few others.......... :)


I had "composição", means approx. the same as essay?


qual é a diferença entre "ensaio" "redação" e "reddação"?


There is no "reddação", but only "redação". Redação is a writing exercise, composition, the act of composing a script. You may here that at a (language) school. Ensaio = essay, analysis, examination.


Hear not here


"Podes terminar o seu ensaio." -> wrong? (additional pronoun necessary?)


The other guy is wrong (even though você IS more used in Brazil)--it would be correct, except you used the "você" form of the possessive woth "tu." The correct form would be "teu" rather than "seu."


You wrote "podes", which is the "tu" conjugated form of poder, and in Brazil, they rarely use "tu". You would need to use "você", since that is what is mainly used in Brazil. So the correct answer would be "você pode terminar o seu ensaio"


Why does it have to have ‘tu’? Why not just ‘podes’?


Redacao not accepted. So annoying!


The Owl corrected my perfectly acceptable response and informed me that the correct translation is, "Você pode acabar vosso ensaio." Huh? I was unaware that we were/are learning how to use "vosso". Or, perhaps this is the Owl's mistake ...


I thought that 'redação' could have been accepted by the Owl! I am a native French and find that so many Portuguese words are cognates. In this case, 'redação' means 'redaction' in French, which is a written composition or essay. I rely on the cognates to study Portuguese... Anyway, the Owl should take it easy a little and maybe allow more synonyms - already suggested in the 'pull tabs' - to be used by the students...


Why is o (as in "o seu ensaio") necessary here? Is there any guidance about this anywhere, or is it as random as it seems? My answer "Voce pode terminar seu ensaio" was not accepted.

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