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"Ne faligu tiun glason da vino sur mian blankan sofon!"

Translation:Don't drop that glass of wine onto my white sofa!

June 19, 2015



Wine stain XXL on a white sofa and the solution:


How to make the distinction between "wine glass" (the glass you use to drink wine) and a "glass filled with wine"?


A wine glass is vinoglaso or glaso de vino. A glass of wine is glaso da vino.


Wouldn't glaso de vino be better here? I'd assume the 'problem' is the person dropping wine, not specifically because they dropped a glass of it


So... I wrote the above August 13, 2016 - over three years ago (It's April 2020. )

I stand by what I wrote but my thoughts here have changed slightly. Today I would say:

Glaso de vino is the sort of thing that people use in textbooks and examples all the time, but it's not something that people really say.

By the way, since the problem is dropping the wine, maybe Bertilo's explanation would be clearer. Here's my paraphrase of it

  • X da Y = Y
  • X de Y = X


Why is it "mian blankan sofon" and not "mia blanka sofo'. This doesn't look like a direct object to me and it follows a preposition.


Because there is motion towards a location. The glass is not to fall ONTO the couch. It is not to fall INTO the location "on the couch."

Whenever you can say into or onto without changing the meaning, you need the -n (see link for more details.)


Ne faligu la sapon!


I translated this way: Don't drop that wine glass on my white sofa! and it was not accepted. Please explain why?


Read my other replies in this thread and let me know what's not clear.

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