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Rewards for "Duolingo Feedback"‏

Sometimes Duolingo rejects your translation as incorrect, and you lose a heart. If you know you're right, you suggest they accept your translation, and if they do, you get an email thanking you for your contribution.

Since you've lost a heart, I think you (well, me, actually) should get something more than a thank you email.

A lingot, perhaps?

Added: If you would otherwise have finished with three hearts, Duolingo's action deprives you of the lingot reward for all three.

What really hurts is when you're near the end of a lesson with only one heart left and Duolingo mistakenly takes away your last heart so you have to start over.

October 7, 2013



Aren't you setting lingots/hearts above your language education? I couldn't care less if I lose this one heart because of Duolingo's mistake. I will report it, yes, but what I really want is to learn the most, not squeeze every point and heart from Duo. And look this way: there's so many things to do to make Duolingo actually better, I don't want them to waste time making you not lose that one heart per week, when they could rework mobile apps, rework timed mode, add course creating tools, make the hackaton ideas real or help us with troubleshooting.


Good point. I basically agree that those things are more important. However, because Duolingo uses gamification in the education, it is somewhat important that the 'game' part is satisfying as well.

lose that one heart per week

I see you have not have tried the Portuguese tree yet :)


Ha! I'm also finding Portuguese very difficult!


I see your point and I'm agree, those things are the most important. But still, they can do both and that's definitly a good idea, don't get it wrong, but i feel like you're a little dislike for people focousing more on the game thing that in the things that really matters, and let me tell you i'm with you, but live and let live, yo. It doesn't really matter for the time or the work cuz if duolingo keeps evolving like it does eventually there will be more time to fix things than things to fix.


Fantastic idea, if they can keep track of who reports problems then, maybe they could even have a top contributors list or something along those lines, I definitely would like to see some reward for correctly reported problems, I have lost many a life just from using british variations of words most notably 'Auntie'


Oh yes, I am definitely with you on this! You should be rewarded for your contributions. Maybe a free heart refill?


Not everyone wants a heart refill. Some people already have one, some just don't want one. A certain amount of lingots would probably work better.


Who would stay against such welcomed accomplishment! BRILLIANT ACT DUOLINGO :-)


Great idea, but I think maybe more than just one lingot :)


It is a nice idea, but what would one do with all these lingots ?


Lingots are virtual money (even when it doesn't have "real value" -which means you can't buy real things-) so if you make an inversion with it, it will bring a reward or a loss, depends on the risk of the operation, the most obvious operation is the 5 lingots wager which rewards you with the doble if you maintaining a 7 day streak. The risk fall on the 7 day streak, the benefits on winning is 5 more lingots.

The idea is to keep rolling the capital as fast as you can, wich means you i'll try to keep your lingot store as low as you can, and win as much lingot as you can to keep rolling the cycle, it will bring you maximum benefits, for example, if you miss a lesson a lot you may stop playing, but if you finish it at once just because you made the decision to use a heart refill, it may keep you motivated to keep going, and may be to make a wager to recover the lingots you waste on heart refills, so with the motivation to keep the streak you'll force yourself to practice more, and this way you have the maximum learning benefits that's what you're here for.

So the question wouldn't be "what would one do with all these lingots?" it would be, what are YOU doing with your lingots right now? Cuz if you've got like 100 lingots you're getting it wrong.

NOTE: I don't think this works well in society, cuz society is much more complex than that , there's things like surplus value, monopolys, and much more to talk about, before to say it's the better way to use the resources... but still in this case it fits perfectly well...


the problem is, i finish with zero hearts rather often, but fail the lesson completely - not that much, maybe once in two or three days. so there is no reason to buy heart refills for me. and wagers actually increase the number of lingots and streak freeze - well, that is ten lingots to spend, don't think anybody buys it twice. so for now i am waiting for something else.


Good point, there will be new items and stuff soon i hope. :)


Can you please show your point on this thread? http://www.duolingo.com/comment/918488 We're speaking about thigs like this (changes, sugesstions, etc) but it has at least twice the visit this have.

PD: I think 1 lingot (or 2 lingot maximum) would be enough reward, cuz it definitly values more than a heart refill.


It is a nice idea, but I think it puts a huge burden on Duolingo. I know they get many Spanish 'error reports' each day, and to have to add a lingot to each of these users doesn't seem like time well spent.

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