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  5. "Сьогодні сильний мороз."

"Сьогодні сильний мороз."

Translation:There is a heavy frost today.

June 19, 2015



There should be an article before "frost". Correct solutions would either be "There is a strong frost today" or "Today, the frost is strong" Regardless, this isn't something common in American English. A common phrase regarding frost would be "Tonight there will be a frost" or "Expect a deep freeze overnight with icy roads and walkways". A frost does not usually occur during the day. A better sentence would be "Сьогодні сильний вітер" with a translation of "There is a strong wind today"


I totally agree with you. I also wrote "there was a strong frost today". It should have been accepted as a correct answer.


Here is no"there" only today


Thank you. I see the translation was changed. This makes a lot more sense now.


June 24, 2020 - My answer (marked wrong): Today there is heavy frost

Is there a reason for this? I marked my answer as 'should be correct'. In English we can certainly put "today" at the beginning or ending of this sort of sentence, so I'm not sure why this is considered incorrect. Can a native speaker let me know why this would have been wrong? If it's fine, can a contributor/mod please include it as a possible answer? Thanks!

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