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  5. "Я буду в Україні два роки."

"Я буду в Україні два роки."

Translation:I will be in Ukraine for two years.

June 19, 2015



where is the preposition "for" ? I sentence: "I will be in the Ukraine two years"is grammatical and synonymous to the sentence above.


You don't need a preposition here in Ukrainian


Ukraine, not "the" Ukraine. It is an independent country now. :-)


It was independent in the interwar period and was still "the Ukraine."


'The Ukraine' is considered part of the attempt at 'Russification' of Ukraine to supress it's culture. A lot of English-speaking Ukrainians do not use the term and it is considered inflammatory amongst some groups.


Those terrible Russians! They came over here and changed the English language, just so they could suppress Ukrainian culture! The prospect of a Slav teaching English speakers how to use articles is faintly amusing.


A native English speaker I asked considered "I will be in Ukraine two years" ungrammatical without "for."

In the Ukrainian sentence, you do not need a preposition, because accusative case is used to express duration.

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I don't think that's the case across all English dialects. "I will be in Ukraine for two years" sounds better to me, but I still find "I will be in Ukraine two years" to be grammatical (Native Am. English speaker).


I'm another native (American) English speaker, and I think it sounds fine with or without the preposition "for". A sentence can't express an "amount" specifying when an action will happen without a preposition, (preferably "in" for this case) so even without "for" it's clearly expressing duration. The preposition does make it sound more proper.

I liked your comment above about using accusative to express duration...so many useful things to learn!


I guessed with FOR rather than IN


If you write this sentence in the present tense does that mean that you have been in Ukraine for two years and are still there?


Yes. If you want to write this sentence in the present tense, it will be: "Я (знаходжуся) в Україні два роки" - the verb in tips is not obligated to use. The sentence means that it's already two years like you are in Ukraine.


You meant Я в Україні два роки? = I have been in Ukraine for two years? Is that correct?


Yes. That is what I wonder about.


Yes, it is correct.

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How would you say "I will live in Ukraine in two years" instead of for?


Я житиму в Україні через 2 роки


You don't need one in English either! 'for' is optional.


My answer was correct. I don't know why duolingo said it was wrong


The word for is actually optional. In Ukraine, the word for is "understood". Both translations to English have the identical meaning. Omitting the "for" is not wrong at all.

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