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  5. "У мене немає друга."

"У мене немає друга."

Translation:I do not have a friend.

June 19, 2015



Idiomatic translation of "I don't have any friends" needs adding, and the same for some similar sentences.

Rule of thumb: if it's something that most people have, and in the plural at that (friends, relatives, legs, etc), then "I don't have any..." is the more usual phrasing in English. If it's a singular thing that it's more reasonable that the person doesn't have (a car, a son, a phone, etc), and many people who do have them have only one, then "I don't have a..." is the more natural rendering in those contexts.

The given answer for this one, the closer-to-literal translation of "I don't have a friend" is perfectly correct, but less natural English. "I don't have any friends" is much more natural.

As we're talking about zero friends in each example, as is made clear from the context, this isn't a number error, and should be added to the database.

(Yes, I reported. Just noting here for posterity / momentum)


I may add that plural would also be more natural for Ukrainian: "в мене немає друзів" would sound much more natural. "в мене немає друга" may be a valid (but not a mandatory) choice just with some specific contexts or situations where exactly one friend was mentioned beforehand.


I just want to make sure I understand this. If I wanted to say I have a friend, it would simply be: "У мене є друг"?


Yes, you are right


Would "I have no friend" be acceptable. This is sometimes spoken this way in English. This translation is closer in form to the Ukrainian statement, and I like to translate to same form when ever possible, so I will get a habit of speaking good form in Ukrainian.


У мене немає друга or у мене немає друзів only


I agree with you.


I would say that "I have no friends" is closer to native English idiom.


How would you translate "I don't have friends" in ukrainian? Cause I always get a wrong for writing that


In the question prior to this i used Hema and you said it was wrong and should have been Hemae. Now I use Hemae and it is Still Wrong???????? My email is czjaw@hotmail.com please let me know WHY. Thanks.


Should be pronounced мЕне, not менЕ because it is preceded by a preposition

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