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The old style (with hearts) returned, and the program was sluggish. Please use the new style.

June 19, 2015



Did the old style come back? I am fortunate to not have it yet.


Updating did the trick. All is fine now! :-)


Do you mean in the iOS app? I was practicing just last night and it was using the no hearts method and this morning it's now back to using hearts. I'm very bummed and want them to put it back to the non- heart method.


Yup, they did this to me for an hour today, and was not happy about it at all. Hearts == different number of points per lesson. So I had to get the old pen and paper again to tally my points per language manually. Sucky.


I'm pretty sure it's a (weird) bug. My app switched to the hearts system momentarily yesterday but then has since been back on the new system.


Update: My app is now doing the non heart method. I hope this isn't duo taunting us by switching back and forth randomly! :)

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