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We should have a competition area!

Wouldn't that be neat if Duolingo had a area where you compete, on who can be the fastest on practice or something similar. . . Any other similar suggestions?

October 7, 2013



This could be great. I'd like it if it's just like the timed practice, except with no limit of how many questions you can answer. You would stop when one of you runs out of time, and the one who ran out of time is the loser. That way you could have fierce competitions that go beyond the standard twenty questions if you're both really good and fast typists.


I agree, this would be very motivating!


that would be great!


Sorry, for late reply. Thank you for your comments! :)


yeah this would be motivating and could possibly serves as 1. an ad-hoc revision of past lessons for those who are bored 2. additional way to gain points


Perhaps every now and again duolingo could actually hold competitions- that would be awesome!

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