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"La najbaroj jam havas televidilon."

Translation:The neighbours already have a TV set.

June 19, 2015



What if you wanted to say "The neighbors already have television?" Referring to the service (either cable, satallite, or over-the-air) and not the device used for consuming such a service.


Is that a reference to "The Honeymooners"? ^^


The clue says, "A TV Set (not TV itself)." What's the difference?


TV is the thing you watch on a TV set.


Damn technology is advancing fast


Hey! I was wondering if "najbaroj" was neuter or masculine? Since "najbarino" means female neighbour it'd follow that "najbaro" would be masculine while "genajbaroj" would be gender neutral? This however doesn't seem to be the case judging from the lessons and a quick look at the dictionary.


The majority of nouns are neuter. Most masculine nouns are for family members, nobility, some religious members, and some animals. Feminine nouns are even fewer. Nouns designating people in general are always neuter.

You can use najbarino if you want to specifically emphasize you're talking about a female neighbour, but the root is neuter.

Bertilo has a page about that : https://bertilow.com/pmeg/gramatiko/o-vortoj/seksa_signifo.html?s=x/%3Fs=x

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