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Petition to add Esperanto as an official language of the European Union

June 19, 2015



Signed it a while back. I really hope it picks up a few more signatures, although sadly I think it will take rather more than 10K for it to even be discussed by the EU, let alone adopted. I really don't like the way English is becoming the primary language of the EU (and I say that as an English native speaker) - even the European Federalist Party are saying they would use English as their primary working language. Esperanto, if spoken more widely, would be a perfect fit for an organisation such as the EU (or UN).


Well it's not that easy. Before EU can make a language an official EU language, the language has to be an official language in one of the member states. So as long as it's not official language in one of the member states, they won't discuss it but will just say that it's not possible.


Actually, colour me impressed for the fact that this has been translated into 38 different languages. That's pretty neat - I haven't seen that many side-by-side comparisons since...no, actually, I think even the instruction manual for my printer only has about 24. In fact, that's awesome.

I'm upvoting and saving this link for reference, just for that. Thank ye!


Speaking of instruction manuals (and things like liner notes on CD's (I know: how primitive! lol) or DVD's) I really wish some company somewhere would publish their literature with an Esperanto translation. Talk about publicity.


Signed. :D Feels weird, though, considering I'm not from Europe, but it seems that it's ok.


Will it help or hurt if the petition is signed by persons who do not live in an EU country?


Signed it, however I also think much more than 10,000 signatures would be needed


Indeed, the EU has its own online petitioning process, but 1m signatures are required across the EU before the institutions have to discuss it!



Jen! And it looks like there's never been one about - or even mentioning - Esperanto before.


probably something that is the least of the EU's concerns, let alone it being a necessity in people's lives.


Alas, probably. This one is a widely-known one that's been around for about two and a half years, and it still hasn't reached its 10,000 signature goal, let alone enough to get a reading at the EU. I think it'd probably have to go through the official portals to even be looked at.

A pity, really, 'coz it's an interesting idea.

I reckon any petition ought to be written first in Esperanto - for true representation of fairness to all speakers of all other languages - and then translated into English/French/German/etc.


Just because I'm learning this language out of English native speaker guilt, does not mean I will sign this. I want this movement to fail. I just don't want it to fail because of me.

If I hadn't already started more useful languages like German and Russian then I wouldn't even have started. People in Belarus will not be glad I learnt Esperanto if I go there and speak no Russian.

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