il mange

the voice said, "Il mange." So I typed, "Il mange." Duilingo said my answer was wrong. It said the correct answer it, "Ils mangent." I say they both sound the same: il mange, ils mangent. So my answer should have been accepted as correct. Am I missing something?

October 7, 2013


They do sound the same. The only way you can tell the difference is by context.

thanks, helen. that is my point. my further point is that duolingo might adapt their format so that it does not reject a correct answer. it rejected "il mange" failing to recognize that it is identical in sound to ils mangent, and therefore just as correct as ils mangent. it is a basic rule of good pedagogy not to scold a student for giving a correct answer.

It has happened to me too and it is very irritating.

I think we've made our point. Now let us say thank you to duoLingo for being available to us at no charge. It is very helpful.

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