Duo day times

What time does a duoday start and end? I put lingots in for the 7 day streak or whatever, and I came back every day for couple of days, and when I came back that next day, I said that I lost the wager. Is this because I did not come within a certain time frame or what?

June 20, 2015


Midnight of the timezone you were in when you started your account.

Well, would I have to file a complaint with the site about the missing lingots? I don't want to lose a bet because of a glitch.

Did you earn enough xp to cover your daily goal every day? If you were on a mobile device, did you use the internet before midnight of your timezone to update it. If you are offline, the whole day, it cannot be updated. If you did everything you were supposed to, scroll down to the grey Help button below and scroll down at that page until you get to the place where you can explain what happened, so that they can check it out. Be sure to tell them which system you are using in detail. (Example: Atari Explorer 11 on Windows 7 on Toshiba L505 laptop or Google Chrome......, or Firefox....., or android phone, i phone, Windows phone, or which tablet.)

So, I would have to create a daily goal? I should not have an issue with that, because I accumulate 20-30 points per visit. Maybe I should refresh the screen while working on the language?

If you have not created a daily goal, that would be 1xp per day. You should check if you have accidentally created one though, because you can still set it to 1xp per day to be safe. Also, on the web, you do need to press continue, continue, continue and not just leave before it is done updating your total. Yes, you should refresh the screen, to see if that fixes it.

I updated my goal to 10 xp per day, so that should resolve my issues with the website. I sure hate that I missed out on that bet though. Oh well. I will just earn more lingots. Thank you so much!

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