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My sound is off.

The sound is not coming through on any of my Duolingo lessons.

This happened once before, but I corrected the problem by rebooting my computer.

I checked my settings, and my sound is still turned on. I also went into YouTube to make sure that my speakers were working.

I hope that someone can fix this problem soon!

December 28, 2012


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Make sure you're using a web browser with a minimal number of plugins enabled.


I use flashblock for chrome and it used to work by clicking on 2 icons in the bottom left corner of the site, but now there is only one icon and it does not start the sound. Is there anything else i could do except turning off flashblock? i dont want to disable it every time i go here.

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First make sure that it works with flashblock off. It also looks like with flashblock you can allow flash on certain sites. Make sure that you do this for duolingo.com


Thank you, it helped :)


I have the same problem I even deleted the app and downloaded it again but it wasn’t efficient. My speakers are on and in settings i put on for Duolingo too but still not working It is about a week I cannot listen to any pronunciation in french or Chinese That i am learning. Please show me a way out of this problem

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