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  5. "Il est médecin."

"Il est médecin."

Translation:He is a doctor.

June 20, 2015



Why not "il est un médicin"? While we say "elle est une journaliste"...


We say "il est médecin" and "elle est journaliste". With professions don't use "un" or "une" except if you're describing the person, for example, "elle est une journaliste intelligente"


I keep forgetting to check on this when I come to it, but some professions do have an article (a/the) and some such as doctor and journalist do not. I may be misremembering it (and unfortunately can't remember which lessons these are in to go look for the specific examples), but it seems like there are some professions mentioned which do use an article such as professor.

Maybe it's that the conversations with professor are speaking about the professor, but I'm not sure. Professor and teacher is spoken of in a different section from where I've encountered doctor & journalist, I think, so it's hard to compare directly because they aren't popping up at the same time.

It's confusing with the professions, if they are as you say, because words like son and daughter do have the definite and indefinite articles with them.

This is maybe the trickiest thing to me, what seems to be inconsistency with gender and definite/indefinite article and preposition for in or by, etc. It may be that (like with English) there are just some things to remember the way they are, and that there isn't a rule for it that works in every situation?


"He is a doctor." can be translated as:

"Il est médecin."

"C'est un médecin."

But NOT as... "Il est un médecin."


I was wondering the same thing.


I was a mistake for this.


The single word médecin when tapped is clearly 3 syllables. However, when the normally very articulate reader states the whole sentence it is pronounced as 2 syllables with the 2nd e omitted.


Yes, both pronounciation are right. You can also say "mes deux seins" but it's a very different meaning.


He may be A doctor, but is he THE Doctor?


"he is a medic" should be accepted, it is in fact the correct saying

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I'm agree. "Medic" is a correct translation. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/m%C3%A9decin


"he is a medician" must be the correct one: a doctor is a academic grade, nor a profession.


“Medician” is not a word in English. And a doctor can indeed be a profession, as a physician is a medical doctor. Or someone with a PhD is also a doctor - who has a doctorate in any number of fields. So the word, “doctor” can refer to both a profession, such as a surgeon, and a doctoral level academic. Sometimes that doctor can be a professional and an academic - as for example a psychologist who has a doctorate.


should be medic or at least also medic, doctor is someone with a phd

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