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Speaking questions glitch?

I was on one of those parts of a lesson where you have to say the sentence out loud into the microphone. I was a little frustrated because I kept on getting previous questions wrong, so I said something really random and super off. And strangely, it went "DING!". It was correct? I tried this again for a different question. It said it was correct. Has this happened to anyone else?

June 20, 2015



Most accounts have a microphone that is just there to get you to talk out loud, not to make sure that what you're saying is correct. I turned my mic off long ago because I didn't need it to prompt me, I was already saying everything out loud anyway. There is a version of the mic that is there to help with accents, I think, but it is being tested out on a limited number of courses and people. (Can someone please send me a link to that bit of announcement so I can check my facts?)


Yes, the audio recognition seems to accept anything, as long as the first two words are correct. I noticed it too. If the sentence is "Je suis un papillon" and you speak "Je suis un requin", it accepts as correct. It shouldn't be so.


However, Duolingo told me to say something in French, and I said like "I ate a cow". Duolingo took "I ate a cow" as correct.

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