Translation:We listened to the radio.

3 years ago


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"Wireless" here is not accepted as an alternative name for "radio"

2 years ago

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It uses leis, why does this mean to instead of with in this instance?

3 years ago


First off, realize that prepositions rarely match up 1-to-1 across languages. Just because le is generally equivalent to 'with' doesn't mean it always is.

As for this instance, it's because éist le is a phrasal verb which corresponds to English 'listen to'

3 years ago


What is the point of reporting a problem when there is nor response and nothing changes?

2 years ago


The contributors (volunteers) get lots of reports. Not all of them are valid. They take time to sort out, and only some of them can be acted upon (for example, the contributors can't change any of the audio on this course). You will not get any response to any report, except "My answer should be accepted" reports - if your alternative answer is accepted, you will be notified. (I have received a number of such responses, though at this point the course has been around long enough that most valid alternatives have already been submitted).

The "report a problem" system is set up in such a way that the contributors don't even know who submitted a particular report, and there is no mechanism to respond to individual "problem reports" (except the aforementioned "My answer should be accepted").

If you want feedback, use the discussion button instead.

2 years ago
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