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Strengthening Problems - Requires Extreme and Random Repetition

Lately, some of my Skills with only one strength bar down, such as Spanish Future, are taking two strengthening exercises PLUS redo of two lessons in the skill before regilding. Why? Rather than redoing random lessons in hopes of getting the skill back to gold, I would like to work on the areas that actually need improvement.

I realize that I am here to learn, but it's becoming demoralizing. I've been highly motivated for the past several months, but..... I'm considering taking a break from Duo.

June 20, 2015



Do you mean you're redoing individual lessons within a skill or that you're using the "strengthen skill" exercise twice in one skill? If it's the former, you might often have a weak word from multiple lessons in the skill, which is why it takes multiple re-dos to strengthen the skill.

It's perfectly acceptable to skip strengthening a skill even though it's not gold though. If you think you know the skill, you can move on without turning it gold. Personally, unless I reeeeeeally struggled with a skill, I just keep going leaving everything colourful until I finish the tree, and THEN I go back through slowly, turning everything gold. Everyone works differently, and it's perfectly okay to ignore Duolingo's suggestion that you refresh something. :)


Both. I redid 2 lessons in the skill after having done two strengthen skill exercises. I had a similar problem a few days ago in which the one word that I missed on my 20 question test-out was not on my word list AT ALL. So, I was able to redo that lesson.

This behavior is different from what I'd seen before. It was expected to have to do at least 2 strengthening exercises if the strength bar was down 2 bars, but why aren't the strengthening exercises pulling up all my "weak" words. Why do I need to do random lessons in the skill in hopes of hitting one of the "weak" words. I would very much like to determine exactly which lessons need to be done to address the "weak" words. Until recently, duo clearly didn't have a good way of determining which words in a sentence were missed, so my confidence level in the efficacy of my word list is very low at this point, especially in Spanish.

I've already finished my Spanish tree a while ago. Lately, I've been doing mostly refreshing on both my Spanish and French trees, rather than finishing the French tree. Perhaps that's part of the problem, and I should skip strengthening for a while to do new lessons.

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