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  5. "Mange lærere leser bøker."

"Mange lærere leser bøker."

Translation:Many teachers are reading books.

June 20, 2015



Am I the only one who thinks the audios pronounciation is confusing sometimes??


Why does the singular "bok" not have an "ø," while the plural "bøker" does? Is there a general rule regarding when this happens in the transition from singular to plural? Just wondering.


Simply put, it's the result of a historical sound change that took place tens of hundreds of years ago. It's the same reason we say "mouse" and "mice" instead of "mouse" and "mouses" or why Germans say singular Fuß "foot" but plural Füße "feet".

If you want to know more, you can check out this Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germanic_umlaut But it probably won't be of any use unless you have some background in linguistics.

But in practice, it's not something you can predict... at least, not as far as I know. You're just gonna have to memorize it. Sorry :/


norsk: bok - bøker
tysk : buch - bücher

similarities like this make it easier for me to learn norwegian hihihi


I should hope all of them read books! xD hahaha


I'm learning french and norwegian at the same time and "mange" means "eat" in french. Is funny seeing this word in this phrase because I keep thinking the teachers are eating the books hahahaha


So it is here lærere rather than lærerer because it is irregular or -er change to -ere when plural?


The latter.


In what context would I say "mange" over "flere"? I know that "many" sounds like more compared to "several", but does that same concept translate to Norwegian?


Yes. Use "mange" for "many" and "flere" for "several" or "more" (if countable).


Alright, thanks for letting me know.


lærere is hard to say with all those repeated sounds :(


I already know you're going to love 'tallerkenene'. ;)


So far, tallerkenene is my favorite word :D


Can't do the ae on mobile version


Hold down the "a" on your keyboard for "æ" or "å", and hold down on "o" for "ø". If your keyboard is Google brand, like mine.


It doesn't work on my Huawei phone


I usually enable multiple languages on my keyboard for this. Makes it useful to have those extra letters :)


Why does the pronunciation of lærere sound like "lar-de-duh"?


Its /lærːɛrə/. Maybe its just a result of surrounding letters that make the r slightly tapped.


Does the "ø" have a specific name? Like how in German, the "ä" has an umlaut.


No, it's just "ø".


It's like music to my ears.....


I cant figure out how to write the ae on my phone so i wrote laerere. The mobile version accepts me writing bokker, could there be a change to also accept laerere?


If you have a google keyboard, i belive if you hold down the letter "a", a tiny menu will pop up containing sever characters from other languages, including "æ". If you hold down on "o", you can dind "ø". Thats how i found it on my phone.


Again, my keyboard doesn't have the Norsk accents and I cannot move past the sentence although I am using the correct english letters. How can I remedy this?


I use a mobile. I just keep the letter held down for longer than usual and a pop up box appears so I can choose an accent or dipthong so e can be ê or ë or é and so on.


Add Norwegian as a language on your phone, and look into keyboard settings to change. I have a little globe next to my space bar that changes keyboard layouts.


If you're having trouble with the letter "æ", you have a few options.

If you're on a mobile device, you can...

  • Try to hold down "a", and see if "æ" appears as an option.
  • Install an international keyboard.
  • Install a Norwegian keyboard.

If you're on a computer, you can...

  • Click the letters provided to you below the input field.
  • Install a Norwegian or international keyboard.
  • Learn the ALT-codes for the Norwegian characters.


We cannot type ae.


If you have a mobile, hold down "a" on your keyboard, a small pop up will appear and you can choose "æ".


Why does this question want "professor" for lærere but won't take "teacher"? It is by definition the word teacher correct?


"Lærere" is plural, so it needs to be "teachers" or "professors".


why does plural of lærer not change?


It does: "lærere" (indefinite plural), "lærerne" (definite plural).


It asks me to spell teachers. I put in laerere, but it says it is wrong. What is going on?


You need to put "æ" instead of ae. It is a special character. You can find it if you hold "a" on your keyboard


I can't type the joined ae thing on my phone and it won't accept it any other way, so is saying I'm spelling it wrong when I'm not. Won't let me proceed.


When you're using two other letters instead of the one the word calls for, you're definitely spelling it wrong.

Just install an international or Norwegian keyboard on your phone, and you'll have access to the three Norwegian-specific letters. :)

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