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"The birds eat fish."

Translation:Los pájaros comen pescado.

3 years ago



Why is "Los pájaros comen los pescados" not correct, but "Los pájaros comen el pescados" is correct?

2 years ago


Because the given sentence said "fish" and not "the fish." Your second sentence would translate to "The birds eat the fish." The given sentence didn't specify an article for the fish, so there isn't one used when you translate it.

2 years ago


Mybsentence saidnl exactly what it said i messes up. This has been the case multiple times

2 years ago


Is it possible you're making typos in your translations? I know you made a few here in your comment. Maybe type slower and be more aware of what keys you're pressing?

2 years ago


Neatness counts!

1 year ago


I answered los parajos comen pescado and was counted wrong. What am i missing?

1 month ago