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"Velfærden er vigtig for borgerne i landet."

Translation:The welfare is important to the citizens of the country.

June 20, 2015



We, of course, would not say "the welfare" in English.


Agreed. I can't recall ever hearing welfare used with the article.


It is, but in a slightly different context. You would say something is not good "for the welfare of the people".

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Certain variants of English use it, usually as an abbreviation of "the welfare system". Cf. http://www.metrolyrics.com/when-the-welfare-turns-its-back-on-you-lyrics-albert-collins.html for an example.


Ah, it's Sonny Thompson, so I would guess that this is an archaic expression in Black American English. While he was born in Mississippi, Mr Thompson was a Chicago musician, and I can certainly tell you that one does not hear "the welfare" in the Chicago dialect of Black American English of the last couple of decades.


Ya this sentence just doesn't make much sense in english. It would def be phrased differently today


"Welfare", without the article, should be accepted, as saying "the welfare" sounds very strange and unnatural in American English.


Duo lingo is based on British english


Duolingo uses whatever version of English the volunteers who put together the particular course speak. The Irish course, for instance uses Irish English and the Hindi course Indian English. I would say that, over all the courses, American English seems to be the most common. I assume the same is true of other working languages, so for instance, the Catalan course is based on the Spanish of Spain but the Guaraní course on that of the Southern Cone of South Ametica.


should have been more specific in my reply, the danish course in duo lingo uses british english


The translation is wrong in British English too


I agree so I'm reporting, as it still is not accepted in May of 2020.


Maybe it sounds strange to you, but it is the correct translation. So this is not a good reason for reporting it


Welfare - no article! In one of the comments here you have "the welfare system", there, of course it is the...system, not the welfare. The article is possible when you say the welfare of x, like the welfare of the citizens.

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Does velfærden her mean the general sociological concept of welfare, or the welfare system that is established in the civilised world? Or both?

[deactivated user]

    Could be both.


    Would not say "the welfare" in English


    I hate being forced to say something incorrectly in English in order to move on.


    The English sentence is really #cringeworthy#. Why the definite article, why of and not in, and - if you accept of - why the contorted genitive?


    "Welfare is important..." We wouldn't say the welfare in English. Why hasn't this been changed after five years? We would say, "The welfare of the citizens is important in the country." That would refer to the general well-being of the citizens, but when we talk about welfare as government assistance, we don't use "the". Please trust us English speakers, Duolingo. We wouldn't force you to say something incorrect in Danish just to make us happy.


    Why not ".. for the citizens"? Why does DL insist on "to"?

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